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About our Clubs

Heroic Youth Clubs are Christ centered programs that use teaching tools such as inspiring books and hands on activities to help youth understand their roles as warriors in God’s army.  In Crowned with Virtue Clubs girls learn to value and live by the standards of Christathel (which means beautiful followers of Christ) and become heroines through the study of real heroines and real events.  When youth realize they can be valiant warriors in everyday situations, they find nobility in kindness and fulfillment in service.  Crowned with Virtue Clubs offer girls ages eight through twelve an exciting opportunity to learn about great heroes through reading, activities, book discussions, hero visits, and opportunities for leadership.

Reading & discussion of hero stories

During each of the nine units, the handmaidens will read a hero story.  These stories are based on historical figures, great literary characters or historical events.  The Heroic Youth curriculum provides the list of heroes and recommendations for the books.  (Examples of heroines we have studied in past years: Martha Washington, Beatrix Potter, and Mother Teresa.)  Each family chooses the books that best suit the needs of their handmaidens based on reading and comprehension levels.


Every handmaiden is invited to prepare a presentation on a topic of her choice.  These presentations relate to subjects they have learned in their studies or talents they have developed.  As the girls participate in public speaking in the supportive environment of their club, it helps prepare them to be more confident and outspoken defenders of truth.  In addition, polite listening, attentiveness and eye contact are stressed so that the young handmaidens are also educated on audience etiquette.


During meetings, club members will participate in activities related to the heroine, standard, or time period they are currently studying.  Activities could be games, skits, handcrafts, simulations, service projects, or learning a new skill.  The activities recommended in the curriculum are chosen to encourage teamwork, unity, and a spirit of servant leadership in your club.  Many of the activities are physical or hands on, providing a learning style suitable for active girls.  In addition, crafts encourage creativity and the underlying spiritual component that is the heart of Heroic Youth and fosters the heroism waiting to emerge in each handmaiden.

Hero Visits & Field Trips

For each unit, mentors are encouraged to seek out a Hero to come and visit the club.  These heroes can be someone dressed up and acting out the role of a historical character, or someone who exemplifies the standard being studied in that unit.  When a Hero Visit is not possible, or in other select situations where it is more appropriate, field trips are recommended.

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